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10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

You may have reached a point in your life where you are looking to add companionship to your family. Whether you get a dog or a cat, looking at a pet shelter may be your best option. The vets at our Port Jefferson animal hospital share some reasons to skip the pet store and adopt your dog from a shelter instead.

How Adopting Dogs From a Shelter Can Help Prevent Overpopulation

Each year 8 to 12 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are euthanized because there are simply not enough homes for them.

Unfortunately, many people do not think that adopting a dog is an option suitable for them or their family. This can be for many reasons, such as assuming that any dog adopted from a shelter will have a number of health complications. Some people may even think that they won't be able to find any of the breeds they are considering. Certain people may even think that the adoption process is long and complicated. Luckily none of these are true which means that shelters are in fact a great option for anyone looking to bring a dog into their life.

These dogs' stories about how they ended up in animal shelters are often heartbreaking, despite certain widespread misconceptions. The stories are typically straightforward. Others had been deliberately left behind, while some dogs had simply been lost and never found their owners again. When a person can no longer afford to give their dog the care it needs, they may surrender the dog. Some dogs that wind up in shelters were born to stray dogs or have behavioral issues that their owners neglected to properly address.

So do not let the stories you hear prevent you from finding your perfect companion at your local shelter. If you aren't entirely convinced yet, let the vets at our animal hospital in Port Jefferson share 10 of the reasons why you should adopt your next dog from a local shelter.

10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Your Next Dog

1. Dogs From the Shelter Are Just As Lovable

As apparent as it may seem, having a dog will make you feel incredibly happy at all times. This love is and will always be unconditional. It won't matter if your dog has lived in a shelter before—they will still be incredibly loving toward you.

2. Adopting Shows a Stance Against Animal Cruelty

The dogs that you purchase from many pet stores actually come from puppy mills, which breed dogs in unhygienic and unsuitable conditions. These dogs are frequently sick, receive inadequate medical attention, and as a result, they exhibit problematic behavior. The female dogs are frequently mistreated and are typically confined or pampered without any love or encouraging attention. There will be no further use for these dogs after they are unable to produce puppies.

3. You Get to Pick the Dog That You Want

The dogs that are up for adoption at the shelter are excited to meet their forever home. Unaware of their circumstances, shelter dogs merely want to express their gratitude to whoever takes them home. The dogs will be available for you to visit, so you can choose the one with whom you click the most.

4. Most of the Dogs Are Already House-Trained

Like I said earlier, a lot of dogs end up in the shelter for no apparent reason. None of them have requested to be in this situation, regardless of whether the owner is unable to provide care or the dog has a medical issue that the previous owner was unable to handle. But since they've already lived in the house and the shelter, there's a good chance they've received some housebreaking. You will usually get a well-behaved dog from a shelter because all of the dogs there spend time with a professional trainer while they are there.

5. These Dogs Are Patiently Waiting For Their Forever Family

Just like people, dogs long for company. Similarly, this applies to lost or abandoned dogs. These dogs no longer get to live the contented, loving lives they belong to. Why not demonstrate to someone the joy you are able to bring them?

6. Give a Dog a Second Chance Through Adoption

A dog in the shelter has already gone through one kind of life, which sadly ended with them in the shelter. However, this implies that you now have the chance to give them a fresh start and demonstrate to them how amazing and caring life can be. Pet shops and specialized breeding encourage puppy mills, but the more we consider adopting pets, the less need there will be for them.

7. You'll Adopt a Lifelong Companion

We are actually happier when we own a pet, according to scientific research. Our needs for constant love, care, and company from our pets fill us in a way that other aspects of our lives do not. This is valid for all age ranges.

8. Adopting Keeps Animals Safe

Our Jefferson Animal Hospital veterinarians are aware that, regrettably, the adage "there aren't enough homes for the available pets" is true. This emphasizes how crucial it is to switch from buying pets to adopting them. Dogs who become homeless are more likely to be victims of abuse, neglect, and even fatal injuries. Giving the animals at the shelter a second chance through adoption will free up space for the next group of animals to find their forever homes.

9. Those Who Perform Selfless Acts Are Happier

People typically assume that those who show kindness to animals are generally good people. The task of taking care of an animal is selfless. You will experience love and compassion in return, in addition to the healing advantages of owning and taking care of these creatures.

10. You Will Be a Hero For Saving an Innocent Life

Knowing that your dog and you were able to save each other from a life of homelessness will give you peace of mind every morning when you wake up. You will enjoy the benefits of their companionship every day, and they will love you without conditions for the rest of your life.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding people or pets. Always follow your doctor's advice regarding asthma or other allergy symptoms. 

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