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Rabbit Lifespan: How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live?

Rabbit Lifespan: How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live?

Before adopting a rabbit, you might be wondering how long they would be your companion and how you can care for them well. Here, our Port Jefferson vets share how long pet rabbits live and how you can help prolong the longevity and quality of their life.

What is the Lifespan For Pet Rabbits?

The lifespan of a rabbit depends on a number of factors, including all of the following:

How The Breed of Rabbit Affects Their Lifespan

As with most animals, the breed of your rabbit can have a significant impact on how long they live. In most cases, naturally smaller breeds of rabbit will live longer than larger ones.

Some breeds of rabbits are also genetically predisposed to health conditions and diseases that have the potential to shorten their lifespan. This is why it's important to do your research to know exactly what breed of rabbit best suits your pet needs and lifestyle.

Providing Proper Nutrition To Your Rabbit

Your rabbit's nutritional needs, like some medical care, changes depending on their breed. The food that you decide to feed your little one will have a direct effect on how long they may live as well as their quality of life. It is important to fully know their daily needs for vitamins, minerals, and fiber before adopting or buying your new friend.

Most commonly, though, your rabbit should be fed a diet of specialized pellets, hay and vegetables while also allowing them to enjoy the occasional treats and fruit in moderation.

How To Protect The Health of Your Pet Rabbit

One way that you can help ensure that your pet rabbit lives a long life is by protecting them with ongoing care.

Risk of disease and parasite infection is limited with good hygiene, such as washing your hands before and after handling your rabbit and keeping their enclosure clean!

Preventive care, like with many pets, is one major staple in your rabbit's health. You should bring your bunny in for annual or bi-annual routine exams. These allow the veterinarian to 

Our vets also recommend having your rabbit spayed or neutered. This can not only help prevent unwanted babies but also a variety of life-threatening cancers common in rabbits that aren't fixed.

Ensuring a Safe Lifestyle For Your Pet Rabbit

Rabbits shouldn't be restricted to their cages. They can spend some or most of their lives in open living spaces!

Another important point to remember is that rabbits are very sensitive to stress, so they prefer calm, quiet environments. If they suffer from too much stress due to children, other pets or loud sounds, it can cause them to go into shock which can be potentially fatal. Hone a calm, quiet environment for your rabbit with plenty of safe spaces they can enter when they feel they need it.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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