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Fear Free Certification

Fear Free is a series of training protocols for veterinary professionals, trainers, and pet owners on the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. Jefferson Animal Hospital is proud to be Fear Free certified.

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What is a Fear Free Certified Animal Hospital?

Fear Free Practice Certification requires the practice to meet 27 mandatory standards and earn a minimum of 1,070 points out of a possible 2,060 from another 28 standards.

After creating and implementing Fear Free protocols there is an onsite visit and inspection by a Fear Fear Veterinarian before certification. Each year the hospital has to be reviewed before being renewed.  

Fear Free Certified, Port Jefferson Vet

Our Fear Free Certification

Jefferson Animal Hospital is dedicated to decreasing stress, anxiety, and fear in our patients while offering the best medical care possible.

You may have noticed the big and small changes in the hospital that led to us earning Fear Free Practice Certification. Small things have included offering treats, kongs, mats and hiding spaces, allowing cats to stay in their carriers or dogs in their family's lap, pre-visit medications and changes in handling techniques.

Larger changes have also been made, such as the design of the practice to include separate cat and dog areas. All of these changes, both big and small, have made a huge difference in our delivery of patient care.

Our staff has worked very hard on not only becoming Fear Free certified as well as implementing and practicing low stress and Fear Free techniques when working with our patients.

How We Implement Fear Free

At our veterinary clinic, the Fear Free approach extends throughout the entire hospital and is prioritized second only to the medical care of our patients.

We work with our patients and their people to undertake the following steps before and during each appointment.

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